A visit to Japanese Highschool.

A visit to Japanese Highschool.

21st November was an incredible day filled with new experiences and connections as we, the students of YUAI senior secondary students, had the opportunity to visit Wakou High School in Tokyo. The anticipation of the cultural exchange buzzed within us as we boarded the train for this exciting adventure.

The journey itself was an adventure, navigating through the heart of Tokyo, watching the cityscape change from bustling streets to serene landscapes. The excitement grew with each passing station until we arrived at Wakou High School, a traditional Japanese private school that welcomed us warmly.

The cultural exchange program kicked off with a beautiful blend of sharing. We had the chance to introduce a little about Quran and Islam, offering insights into our beliefs and practices. The eagerness of the students at Wakou High School to learn about our culture was heartening. Their curiosity sparked meaningful discussions and bridged understanding between our diverse backgrounds.

What truly made the day special was the immersion into each other’s cultures. We exchanged cultural wear, allowing students from both schools to try on traditional garments. Witnessing our friends from Wakou High School donning hijabs and other Islamic cultural wear was a moment of cultural appreciation and joy.

The day culminated in a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other’s cultures. Beyond the differences in our practices and beliefs, we found common ground—our shared humanity. The connections forged today were more than just cultural; they were connections of the heart, built on respect and curiosity.

As we bid farewell and boarded the train back home, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the friendships formed and the enriching experiences shared. Today wasn’t just about cultural exchange; it was about embracing diversity and celebrating the beauty of understanding and acceptance.

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