Teaching children are not simply through literacy, rather through activities students are given opportunities to learn emotional and social skills including confidence, self-control, team-work, and lay-empathy. Our school provides educational opportunity based on these principles as foundation.

Fitrah: All children are born as fitrah

  • Developing all Potentials

  • Value Internalization

  • Supportive Environment

Based on these principles, all activities done by the students become valuable learning opportunity. Through Islamic environment and the implementation of sharia and sunnah in daily life, children feel the positive feelings towards Islam and be encouraged to implement these values in their live. Integrated learning activities also help students to optimize the development of their natural potentials, in cognitive, social-emotional as well as motor skill. In this level, the main objective of the education are internalizing Islamic values, using English as tools as the main communication, optimizing the age-appropriate development and developing independent thinking skills as basic for learning. All kindergarten teachers are well trained to have a mother figure, treating the students equally as their own children with full of are and love.


Experienced kindergarten teachers in their field, loving and caring, as well as a very skilledteachers with continuous training conducted by the school in collaboration with the sisterschool.


  1. Al Quran & Basic Islamic Studies

  2. Integrated development of cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills through

  • Outdoors activities

  • Art

  • Social Studies

     3. English as daily communication,
     4. Basic Mathematics (Numbers, Addition &


Monday – Thursday       
9.00 am until 3.00 pm

9.00 am until 2.30 pm

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