secondary school


In Secondary, not only that the academic follows Cambridge curriculum, the school also put its focuses on internalizing Islamic value, especially in the important stage of puberty. The students should be empowered with good understanding and comfortable feeling of Islam in order to be Muslim with integrity and confidence. In addition, students are also prepared to be excellent person who will give contribution with their expertise in the community. In the academic field, the school focuses on building excellency in any field that the students choose by preparing them to take IGCSE examination.


Teachers are assigned according to their professions subjects apart from
assigning the homeroom teachers. This allows efficiency and effective learning with experienced teachers. Meanwhile, homeroom teachers are there to ensure the students welfare. Homeroom teachers will treat students equally like own children.


  1. AQ & Islamic

  2. Studies

  3. English

  4. Maths

  5. Science

  6. Social Studies

  7. Japanese Language

  8. Arabic

  9. Art & Craft

  10. Health & Physical Education

  11. Computer Studies


Morning Tahfiz     
8.00 am until 8.40 am

9.00 – 15.00 (14.20 on Friday) 

Homeroom & Cleaning
15.00 – 15.20   

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