Annual Cultural Performance

Annual Cultural Performance

17th December was an extraordinary day filled with vibrant performances and heartfelt moments, all resonating with the theme “Legacy of Light – Embracing the Power of Knowledge.” The annual Karate performance unfolded, showcasing the culmination of a year’s dedication and effort by students and teachers alike.

The day began with the Kindergarten’s endearing presentation. Their recitation of Du’a and engaging parents in quizzes exuded innocence and joy, setting a heartwarming tone for the event.

The Primary section stole hearts with their original songs, adorned in the most adorable costumes imaginable. “Animal in the Quran” was a delightful revelation, leaving a lasting impression of cuteness combined with profound significance.

Moving into the Secondary performances, the boys delivered a gripping drama that captivated the audience. Their dedication to storytelling through their act was commendable. Simultaneously, the Secondary girls took the stage, emphasizing unity in a powerful display that resonated deeply.

A poignant moment unfolded as the teachers surprised everyone with a heartfelt poem, followed by a song evoking the longing for the prophet. Their unexpected performance left us all touched and reflective.

The pinnacle of emotions was reached with the Palestine song. Its stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics moved everyone to tears, uniting the audience in a shared moment of empathy and solidarity.

As the day concluded, the lingering emotions of pride, unity, and empathy filled the air. The performances were not just showcases of talent but reminders of the power of unity, knowledge, and the enduring legacy of light.

In those moments, we felt the impact of art, knowledge, and unity coming together, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

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