Emergency Drilling Day (Grade 1 & Grade 2)

Emergency Drilling Day (Grade 1 & Grade 2)

Today was a day filled with important lessons and practical experiences at YUAI School. Grade 1 and Grade 2 students participated in an emergency drilling session, organized in collaboration with the Yoyogi Police and Fire Department along with the Tokyo Camii staff.

The morning began with a buzz of excitement as we gathered to learn about emergency preparedness. The Yoyogi police officers guided us through informative videos and engaging talks, teaching us about staying safe during emergencies, especially earthquakes. We listened attentively, absorbing every piece of advice shared by these dedicated officers.

But it wasn’t just theory; we got to put our learning into practice! With the guidance of our teachers and the Camii staff, we embarked on a practical drill from Tokyo Camii to Yoyogi Ohyama Park. It was an incredible experience to apply what we had learned in a real-life scenario. We walked calmly and followed safety protocols, understanding the importance of staying together and helping each other in such situations.

During our journey, we were reminded of the earthquakes that had struck Syria and Turkey, causing immense devastation. We paused for a moment, keeping those affected in our thoughts and prayers. It made us realize the significance of being prepared and vigilant, no matter where we are.

The entire experience was both enlightening and empowering. We learned that being prepared for emergencies is not just about knowing what to do but also about staying calm and supporting each other as a community.

As the day came to an end, we left with a newfound understanding of the importance of preparedness and safety. Today’s drill was more than just a practice; it was a lesson that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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