Remarkable Achievement in [Itouen Ocha Japanese Poetry Competition]!

Remarkable Achievement in [Itouen Ocha Japanese Poetry Competition]!

It is with immense pride and joy that we share the extraordinary news of Khabibah’s remarkable achievement in the highly esteemed Itouen Ocha Japanese Poetry Competition. Out of an astonishing pool of 1.92 million applicants, Khabibah’s talent and dedication stood out, earning a well-deserved spot among the 5000 honorable mentions!

Khabibah’s passion for Japanese poetry and dedication to mastering this intricate art form have not only set them apart but also brought honor and recognition to YUAI. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Khabibah’s hard work, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

At YUAI, we take immense pride in nurturing talent and fostering a spirit of excellence, and Khabibah’s achievement truly exemplifies this ethos.

Khabibah, your dedication and talent have made us exceptionally proud. Your accomplishment serves as an inspiration to our community, showcasing the heights that can be reached through unwavering determination and passion.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement, Khabibah! Your success is a shining example of the excellence we strive for at YUAI.

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