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Ramadhan Kareem!

As Ramadan begins, we want to wish all parents and students a happy Ramadan. May…

Toho Gakuin Exchange Program

26th January marked an unforgettable chapter in our school as we embarked on an enriching…

Kindergarten Gyoza Making Day

Today was an absolutely delightful day at the kindergarten! The children were bubbling with excitement…

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Teaching children are not simply through literacy, rather through activities students are given opportunities to learn emotional and social skills including confidence, self-control, team-work, and lay-empathy. Our school provides educational opportunity based on these principles as foundation.

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Primary School

The primary school is divided into six grades, starting from age 6. The main objectives of this level is on internalizing Islamic values, developing learning skills to be lifelong learner, developing understanding of science and its influence to real life, and developing useful life skills to be a part of community.

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Secondary School

In Secondary, not only that the academic follows Cambridge curriculum, the school also put its focuses on internalizing Islamic value, especially in the important stage of puberty.

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who we are?

YUAI International Islamic School provides both teaching Islamic values with Islamic environment immersion and international curriculum that using English as the medium for instruction.

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