Year 10 Exchange Program – With As Syahid Boarding School (Indonesia)

Year 10 Exchange Program – With As Syahid Boarding School (Indonesia)

16th November was a profound day marked by the exchange program between YUAI High School and Asy Syahid Quranic Boarding School, Indonesia. Our discussions delved into a crucial theme: “The Young Islamic Generation on the Current Condition of Palestine.”

The focus group discussion (FGD) was incredibly insightful. Each voice in the room carried the weight of concern and empathy for the plight of Palestine. We shared our thoughts on the situation, discussing the heartache, injustices, and the longing for a resolution that seems so elusive.

We talked about how the situation in Palestine deeply resonates with us, stirring emotions of solidarity and a desire for justice. Some spoke about their personal connections or experiences, while others shared their feelings of frustration and helplessness in the face of ongoing conflicts.

As we delved deeper, the conversation shifted towards our role as youth in addressing the issue. It was a powerful moment as we brainstormed and exchanged ideas on how we, as young individuals, could make a meaningful impact.

Many emphasized the power of education and raising awareness. We discussed utilizing social media platforms to spread accurate information and counter misconceptions. Some proposed organizing educational events or workshops to engage our peers and communities, fostering understanding and support for Palestine’s cause.

What resonated deeply was the shared conviction that our role as youth goes beyond mere observers. We are the torchbearers of change, equipped with passion and energy to influence opinions and drive impactful initiatives.

The FGD wasn’t just a discussion; it was a catalyst for inspiration. It ignited a sense of responsibility within us, reminding us that even our smallest actions can contribute to a larger movement for justice and peace.

This exchange program was more than just cultural sharing; it was a catalyst for understanding, empathy, and a call to action for a better world.

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